Sunday, June 21, 2009

Great Adirondack Trail Run 2009

Yesterday was the 5th Annual Great Adirondack Trail Run.
As always fun was had by all and it's a great way to kick off the summer.

Up and Over Hopkins Mountain

The finish line for some crazy 3.5 milers!

Obviously he can't read the sign!

"My dad said he would disown me if i didn't beat Nick Yardley... so I did!"

The GATR is a benefit event for the Ausable and Boquet River Associations.

Wet conditions prevailed on both courses but the racers persevered! The 11.5 mile mountain course was altered this year with a additional climb over Spread Eagle Mountain.
Mens overall 11.5 mile winner was once again George Adams
Womens overall 11.5 mile winner was Serena Wilcox
3.5 mile mens winner was Peter Muessig and the womens was Mel Frazer.

Races "rehydrating" at the post race festivities

It's a family affair... yes all six of them ran the 3.5 miler!

11.5 mile mens winner George Adams hoisting the trophy

Racers picking out prizes

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